Zigging when others are Zagging — Fun with Fungible Fotos!

  • The attraction of NFTs is the scarcity. If you are creating a collection, consider why exactly you’d mint more than one
  • Be prepared to upload the artwork itself, a thumbnail, a banner image, and a cover image if you are planning on minting on Open Sea
  • “Shilling” or sharing your project when asked on Twitter = yes
  • “Shilling” or sharing your project by DM’ing people who haven’t asked for it = no
  • I decided to mint on Polygon because of the no gas fees. I’m not sure what this means for long term collectors and their interest in buying work on this blockchain, but it’s what I could afford at the time.
They’ve got their (laser) eyes on you…




filmmaker + photographer + writer

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Alexa Diaz Hann

Alexa Diaz Hann

filmmaker + photographer + writer

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