You Want To Go To There! aka Fern Canyon & Thor’s Well in 360

Been experimenting in the creation of contemplative, calming experiences in nature. The wonderful and talented Justin Byrne provided the music. So glad to get these finished, just in the nick of time for the Samsung Creator’s Contest.

If you have a Samsung Gear VR headset, you can go the Samsung VR portal to watch our contemplative nature experiences Fern Canyon and Thor’s Well, shot on the Samsung Gear 360.

While I highly recommend visiting these beautiful locations in person, hopefully you get a sense of the space and scope of these places. Kept the creative very simple so a viewer would have time to enjoy the space. While there are specific points of interest in each piece, its designed to have a viewer look around. Creating these pieces taught me a lot about timing and pacing, especially with the inclusion of music.

For those without headsets, you can also watch the experiences on the site, click and drag style, but that’s not the optimized method. (Maybe for Christmas, you’ll be saving your pennies for a Samsung Gear VR headset? Or a Google Daydream?)

We’ll be at Oculus Connect conference this week, so perhaps see some of you there!

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