David Garibaldi Art Life VR Experience

Concerts in the Park / Sacramento, CA

Happy November, everyone! This one’s a belated post — this year is flying by! We are deep in developing, prep, and post on several VR projects (and a new venture!) Looking forward to sharing that with you.

We had the good fortune to film a performance in VR of David Garibaldi this past July at the Concerts in the Park series in Sacramento, California. David is an amazing performer, a fantastic artist, and a wonderful human being. We were very happy to get the opportunity to depict him in his natural habitat — on stage with paint, paintbrushes, and a monster canvas. What he creates in the moment, both with dance and painting, is truly unique and inspiring.

We partnered with K9 Studios, run by Shawn Sullivan in Elk Grove, California. Shawn has been a pioneer educator in animation for the past twenty years, and more recently, live action and VR production. He’s taking an active role in connecting his students to the various aspects of the entertainment industry. He actually teaches his students what is expected of them in the real world of animation and production. His award winning studio produces several projects a year. The studio is pushing into more VR, which you can check out on their Instagram.

We had a group of about 15 students join us, so this shoot was a combination live event /educational opportunity. We were able to walk the students through how to approach filming in VR, along with more basic production workflows and expectations.

David really brought his A game to this thirty minute concert in the heat. The crowd was super energetic, which I think translates in the experience. If you have a Samsung Gear, you can check it the first part here.

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