Pink Clouds in Arizona. Photographed October 2019.

Don’t Worry

Things take the time they take.
Don’t worry.

How many roads
did St. Augustine follow
before he became St. Augustine?

- Mary Oliver

I like reading about writing. Memoir, how to, memoir disguised as how to…I gobble it up. Reading is a safe playground for me and sometimes consumption is a way to learn about the craft.

But I also think:

- Reading is a trap. Reading the work of another takes me away from writing.

- Reading is essential. What I read informs what I write.

- Reading is distraction. It is the best way I know…

Trying my hand at a different type of writing — inspired by, of all things, an errand.

I grew up in the era directly before Amazon infiltrated the lives of average Americans. (Well, it wasn’t an era, per say. It was the early to mid 90s). People actually got in their cars and went to stores when they wanted to buy things. They had no other choice.

So as a kid, I made frequent trips to The Home Depot with my garden and home improving loving parents. I became familiar with the scent of the place, a hybrid of all…

Concerts in the Park / Sacramento, CA

Happy November, everyone! This one’s a belated post — this year is flying by! We are deep in developing, prep, and post on several VR projects (and a new venture!) Looking forward to sharing that with you.

We had the good fortune to film a performance in VR of David Garibaldi this past July at the Concerts in the Park series in Sacramento, California. David is an amazing performer, a fantastic artist, and a wonderful human being. We were very happy to get the opportunity to depict him in his natural habitat —…

A post on creativity and just doing it

As our projects are still in the throes of development, prep, or post, I’m trying something different with this week’s post — discussing creativity, inspiration, and mental blocks. Enjoy!

In a fit of pique that only a sudden burst of clarity brings, I unsubscribed from 15 individual email newsletters that I’d received over the last decade of my life.

A little context: I’m a writer who loves reading. Growing up, it was novels, short stories, the short summaries from the physical copy of TV Guide (older millennials and above, remember those? …

Been experimenting in the creation of contemplative, calming experiences in nature. The wonderful and talented Justin Byrne provided the music. So glad to get these finished, just in the nick of time for the Samsung Creator’s Contest.

If you have a Samsung Gear VR headset, you can go the Samsung VR portal to watch our contemplative nature experiences Fern Canyon and Thor’s Well, shot on the Samsung Gear 360.

While I highly recommend visiting these beautiful locations in person, hopefully you get a sense of the space and scope of these places. Kept the creative very simple so a viewer…

HE SEES ALL. Now with fewer stitch lines!

Greetings! I had THE BEST catchy alternative title for this post, but I forgot it. So I ran with Eye of Sauron 360. No reason, other than HE SEES ALL.

We had a great shoot with our Samsung Gear 360 Camera last month, and we’ll be rolling out what we did soon. But first, wanted to share a BTS clip we made. I’m the gal in the gray, and Eric is the guy in the blue.

Check it out at the Samsung VR Portal:

And for those who don’t have access to the Portal, check out the clip on…

Hopefully I got your attention with a catchy headline!

Hello Medium! My husband (VR DP Eric Hann) and I run a creative and production services company called Hann Productions — trademark pending. We’ve been working on various VR projects for the past 16 months, and figured it was time to let the internets in on our fun.

We’ve done a number of documentary style shoots in VR, and are developing some narrative stories. Eric tells me that I’m “better at that writing thing” than he is, so here I be, ready to drop some of our collective knowledge and perspective on storytelling and production.

We purchased two Samsung Gear…

Ain’t Coming Back for It, Like Goodwill

On her commute home, she had been determined to figure out what had gone wrong in her spreadsheet. It struck her as she waited (not patiently) in the middle lane of traffic in her 1996 Honda Accord for the light to change. The formula had to be wrong in the last column. She could put the amended total in the quarterly report. Only two rights and a left remaining after a two hour drive home. She could move on to mentally solving the next problem on her to do list.

But when light…

The late afternoon sun warmed his back and his spirit as he took the stairs to her second floor apartment, three at at time. Once at her doorstep, he idly wondered what he’d say, now that he knew what he knew, but instead of stopping to think it through, he found himself knocking insistently, even opening her door a crack when he didn’t hear her come immediately to the door.

“Tom?” she called, her voice tinny and distant. “You’re early, and I’m elbows deep in the chicken enchiladas.”

“No,” he replied, entering her apartment, and shutting the door behind him.

Short Fiction

He was trapped in a flying tube of potential death, sandwiched in between a businessman and a doe eyed college girl. Business man was snoring, face awkwardly pressed against the window, and Doe Eyes (who he deemed too pretty to talk to) was halfway through the latest issue of Vogue. He had stowed his moleskin in his seat back pocket, but his favorite (and only) pen was still in his carry-on bag in the overhead compartment. He wasn’t quite sure if he had left it there on purpose.

I don’t want to crawl over her, he reasoned with…

Alexa Diaz Hann

filmmaker + photographer + writer

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